Zambia Hunger Aid

Hope In Action provided hunger aid to Zambia with high-protein cereal, vitamins,calcium chewing gum, canned vegetables, diapers, over-the-counter medications and personal care items. Distribution was made in conjunction with a week-long medical and dental clinic. Recipients in the Lasaka area included schools, HIV/AIDS clinics and 15 orphanages. Vitamin A eye drops provided by Hope In Action were administered to infants and nursing mothers during the clinic.

Vitamin A Deficiency can cause

  • reduced immunity to diseases
  • loss of eyesight
  • death

Vitamin A eye drops can reduce child mortality 23 to 34 percent where vitamin A deficiency exists.

Zambia Challenges

  • among the top three poorest nations in the world
  • 94.1% survive on $2 per day or less
  • estimated 1.4 million people lack sufficient food
  • over 1,000,000 orphans living in the streets
  • incidence of HIV/AIDS is the second highest in the world
  • 16.5% affected by HIV/AIDS
  • 60.1% likelihood of dying before age 40


Hardships are reflected in faces