Hunger Aid

Hope In Action provided in excess of 31 semi-tractor trailer loads of milk, soup, pudding and food bars to assist U.S. families with nutritional needs during 2006. The items were distributed from 57 locations in 38 cities in a 10 state area. Recipients included:

  • victims of Hurricane Katrina
  • single parent families struggling to provide nutritious food
  • senior citizens trying to live on fixed-incomes
One organization in Amarillo,Texas used some of these items in an existing inner-city program to:
  • add nutritional food variety
  • help provide at-risk children with hot meals
  • involve at-risk children in weekly grocery distributions
  • instill hope and work skills in the children

Morganton, North Carolina

Hope In Action provided food, personal care items and over-the-counter medications for distribution in Morganton, North Carolina. Each week approximately 800 financially-insecure people receive a variety of items to help alleviate pressure caused by temporary unemployment, addiction, homelessness or incarceration. Photos

St. Louis, Missouri

Hope In Action provided soup, canned chicken, pasta, vitamins, personal care items and over-the-counter medications for distribution at annual Christmas dinners. Guests range from persons temporarily between jobs to some who are severely impoverished.  Each person receives a hot meal, groceries and personal care items. Photos

St. Louis, Missouri