Rwanda Hunger Aid

Hope In Action provided hunger aid for 5,000 internally-displaced children and 3,000 impoverished adults in Rwanda. Items included pasta, vitamins and cereal specifically blended for developing minds and bodies. Recipients included malnourished Rwanda children living in refugee camps as result of the ethnic genocide that devastated Rwanda12 years prior.

Distribution of hunger aid items was also made in a dozen areas near Kegali. Aid was provided to many of the 457 orphaned children in the Kamabuye sector of Bugesera. In Ngoma, the poorest area of Kicukiro district, 200 orphans received hunger aid.

Relief supplies were also distributed in the Shyorongi area of Nyarugenge district to a people group known as Twa, or Batwa. Many Twa were forced from their forest homes due to land development. Poverty is common among the Twa.

Rwanda Challenges

  • 83.7% survive on $2 per day or less
  • 90% engage in subsistence agriculture
  • Some households headed by orphaned children
  • 20% child mortality rate under 1-year old
Twa prior to distribution