Tsunami Disaster Aid

Hope In Action provided disaster aid to tsunami survivors in Indonesia. Relief supplies included nutritional bars, cereal and protein drink for the Province of Aceh and on the Island of Nias. This disaster aid was in response to the December 26, 2004 tsunami and earthquake of March 2005.

These areas are located approximately 100 miles from the epicenter of the undersea earthquake that caused the tsunami. Relief efforts were hindered by infrastructure damage in these remote areas, but coordinated efforts with the Indonesian military resulted in the distribution of food staples, vitamins and medical supplies to survivors.

Hope In Action also provided disaster aid to tsunami survivors in Sri Lanka and India. View Photos

Banda Aceh

A wall of water 36 feet high slammed into Banda Aceh, leveling much of the city and killing approximately two-thirds of the 300,000 population. Further destruction in Indonesia was caused by an earthquake in central Java on March 2005. Hope In Action provided relief aid including vitamins, cereal, nutritional bars, protein drink and other staple food items. Distribution in 5 locations helped sustain 1,280 tsunami survivors during reconstruction.

Nias Island

Approximately half of the people on the Island of Nias survived massive destruction of the December 2004 tsunami. Disaster aid provided by Hope In Action was transported to the devastated areas by small trucks that arrived by ferry. Relief supplies were distributed to 5,638 children and 2,650 adults in 21 locations on Nias.

Orphanage Assistance

Hope In Action aid including vitamins and cereal to 6 orphanages where children orphaned by the Tsunami were located. Recipients included Eben Hazer Orphanage and Gayungan Orphanage.

Indonesia Tsunami Aid
Orphan Survivors - Nias Island