Cameroon Hunger Aid

Hope In Action provided vitamins for children living on Sio Sio.  This small island off the coast of Cameroon, Africa is home to 4,000 adults and 1,500 children.  Nutrition on the island is severely lacking due to a typical diet of fish and sweetened water.  The recipients also received rice, powdered milk and canned vegetables.

Sio Sio Island Challenges

A 3-hour voyage by motorized canoe was the only means of reaching to Sio Sio. Passengers in the heavily-laden vessel were required to remain seated during the voyage to avoid capsizing in the crocodile-laden water.  The distribution team slept in grass huts where rats crawled on the ceiling during the night.  One worker was bitten by a rat which required evacuation to the mainland on the next canoe.

Hope For Future

Despite the challenges, this mission was highly successful.  Improved nutrition among the children helped concentration in school and provided hope for future employment on the mainland.

Sio Sio Island
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