Guatemala Hunger Aid

Hope In Action provided hunger aid including pasta, Pop Tarts, vitamins, canned beans and high-protein, meal-replacement cereal for distribution to 3,505 people in El Capulinar, Guatemala. Recipients received this aid in conjunction with a three-day medical and dental clinic.

People unable to afford medical treatment received eye and dental examinations, and some minor surgical procedures from the medical team.

Some of the above hunger aid items were distributed in Quelzaltenago and San Marcos, Guatemala. In addition to food vitamins and routine examinations, the recipients in these two areas also received over-the-counter medications and personal care items.

Guatemala Poverty

According to 2006 UN statistics, the percentage of Guatemalans living below the national poverty level is 56.2 percent. In rural areas where many of the indigenous Guatemalans live, this percentage is estimated to be 76 percent.


Meal-replacement cereal