Drought Management

Hope In Action helps solve the challenge of insufficient water to sustain agriculture in drought-prone areas by providing drought-resistant plants and drought-tolerant vegetable seeds to orphanages. Seeds and plants are carefully selected to increase both productivity and nutrition in harsh environments.

Hope In Action also provides innovative solutions to water conservation including rainwater storage and gardening techniques that minimize irrigation requirements. Shifting weather patterns and the competition for water resources are requiring greater emphasis on conservation techniques and plant selection in drought-prone areas.

Water resource management is a major global challenge. About one-third of the world’s population experiences water scarcity. The impact upon people with limited financial resources is particularly acute, and the situation is expected to worsen.

Water Scarcity Facts (FAO)

  • Global water use grew twice the population growth rate in 100 years
  • More regions are reaching the limit of reliable water supply
  • 70% water worldwide is used for agriculture
  • Agriculture uses 95% of water in some developing nations
  • 2/3 of world population could experience stress conditions from water shortages by 2025
  • Food production will be insufficient in nations lacking adequate water
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