Burkina Faso Hunger Aid

Hope In Action provided vitamins for distribution in the Burkina Faso capitol, Ouagadougou. This aid was dispensed to people needing assistance with health issues in a clinic and at 3 prisons.

Significant health improvements

  • 397 sick people experienced weight gain of 5-10 kg ( 11-22 pounds) within 2 months of treatment
  • 358 persons needing nutritional assistance and 10 HIV/AIDS patients experienced increased appetites, normal sleep patterns and reduction of muscle and bone pain
  • 744 inmates at 3 prisons (Tenkodogo, Fada and De'dugou) experienced improved health

Burkina Faso Challenges

  • Fifth from the highest poverty country
  • 71.8% of population live on $2 per day or less
  • Recurring droughts limit sufficient nutrition from subsistence agriculture
  • Very high risk of major infectious diseases
Multivitamin aid
Waiting at clinic
Health is improved