Welcome to Hope In Action

Hope In Action is a not-for-profit humanitarian organization that provides essential items including shelf-stable food, vitamins, medicine, clothing, shelter and vegetable seed to at-risk people in the US and around the world.

Disaster and Hunger Aid

Short-term assistance is provided to meet the immediate needs of people devastated by famine, drought, floods, hurricanes, tsunamis, tornadoes, earthquakes, mudsides and war.

Poverty Aid

Underlying causes of hunger, malnutrition and financial insecurity are addressed by providing orphanages with vegetable seed and plants which are dought-tolerant and highly-nutritious. Plants including Chaya and Moringa provide a continuous supply of vitamin-rich food in warm climates.

Children learn innovative gardening techniques and important work skills while helping provide food for the orphanage. They also develop greater self-esteem and hope for a more secure future.

Hope In Action has also helped orphanages achieve greater productivity and efficiency in their vegetable projects. Abundant harvests have made possible greater financial security and the ability to help more children.



I like working in the garden and watch every day how crops grow. It gives me hope for tomorrow.
Edith 14 years

I have learned basic skills of vegetable gardening. When I grow up, I will plant my own big garden with vegetables. Steve 9 years

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